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Materials we use


Base Metals

Zamak is the metal we use the most in our production. We have studied all its technical characteristics and so we manage to get the perfect surface finishing and hardness that is required for fashion jewellery components. Zamak is harder and stronger than pewter and brass. Practically it doesn't get oxidized. With zamak we develop strong items that don't change easily their form under force, which practically means that they don't bent. Although it is not suitable for welding, zamak is one of the most widely used base metal for fashion, garment, and leather goods metal components.

Pewter is softer and heavier than zamak. It gives finer design details and it can also be bent. We use it for items that are designed to be bent, like rings, bracelets, and crimp components.

Brass is harder than pewter. It is produced with different techniques than the other base metals we use. With brass you can get thin items, with fine detail and it is also suitable for machined beads and components.

Plating metals

Plating metals we use are products of renowned, experienced multinational companies.


White bronze


Shinny Gold

18K Gold



Finishing and other materials

All other materials we use are products of renowned and experienced companies. We make no compromises in the selection of the raw materials we use.