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Terms and Conditions

passionfashion is always trying to promote a clear, common-sense way of doing business that is helping us be a healthy company, in order to our maximise efficiency and customer satisfaction. Any process or service we offer that leads to extensive costs in relation to the profit it generates, can be terminated.

Catalogue prices:

We do have the right to change catalogue prices if there is a change in the production or supply cost or the marketing policy. Normally we communicate with our customers in case of such changes. passionfashion has the right to make a general prices update once a year.


Geographical pricing:

We have the right to use different pricing policies in different geographical locations. We do not promote trading products between 2 geographical locations with different policies. Trading between two different pricing policies locations is a reason for passionfashion to change or terminate the commercial relationship of the part that sells to the more expensive location.


Product lifecycle:

Almost all of our products are being produced or plated from passionfashion. If raw materials or demand is sufficient, we have no reason to end a product's commercial life. In contrary, under demand, raw materials, assets shortage, or raw materials cost or other technical characteristics changes, we have the right to end the products or family of products commercial life.


Exclusivity and product lifecycle:

Products that are being produced under an exclusivity agreement with the customer, can be terminated commercially if there is a more than 3 years insufficient demand from customers side.


Exclusivity property:

Products that are being produced under an exclusivity agreement with the customer, are treated from our design team in a way that is unique for our personal style and production specifications. The resources we use so as to make an exclusive component include an expensive, extensive and deep array of in-house innovations and investment. Therefore passionfashion owns the 3d design, the models, and the moulds of the excessive items unless regional laws or special agreement between passionfashion and a customer apply. Logos, trademarks and other registered designs cannot be a property of passionfashion. Passionfashion can produce or design registered designs with consent of the owner.


Exclusivity cost:

Exclusivity cost consists of all the resources our company needs so as to be able to execute an order successfully, as well as the opportunity costs of these resources.


Customer deactivation:

passionfashion has the right to decide where a business relationship with a customer or potential customer is harmful for itself. In such a case we have the right to end the business commercial relationship. A careful business relationship can be related with design leaks to competitors, inability to comply with the credit policy, inability to accept and comply with the restrictions of our service and production capabilities.


Trademarks and other properties:

passionfashion trademarks and registered signs can be used from third parties only under our written consent. Photos, printed material and other commercial material can be used from our customers to its customers only under our written consent. Otherwise we have the right to terminate the commercial relationship.